Jesus Jimenez

Quality Manager

Jesus has his Master of Science in Chemistry and leads our Quality Department.  He is an innovator with a sharp mind and acute attention to detail.  Jesus ensures every customers project meets or exceeds their stated requirements.

Family-Above all else, family comes first.

Integrity-In the end, all a person has is their character.  

Respect-It is so important.  We treat everyone with respect; team members, clients, venders, everyone.

Dedication-We are dedicated to everything that makes Cal-Chem special; continuously improving, executing projects with excellence, following our values, everything.

Humility-We are just happy to be able to do something we love every day.  Serve our clients.

These values are embraced by every team member and guide the decisions we make everyday.  


We take pride in a results-oriented approach with our clients.  Every project, your project​ is our most important project, no matter the size.

our leadership team


A pure source company

Matthew fitch


Matthew is an entrepreneur at heart with an experienced financial background. A prior partner in several startups, Matt joined Phil to redefine the quality of service and experience customers can expect from their critical cleaning service provider.

our values


Cal-Chem provides unparalleled service to every customer and executes on the basis of integrity, responsibility, respect and professionalism.


We are your turnkey service provider. From start to finish, you can trust us with your complete system processing

Phil Dollar


Phil is a hands-on, active leader of Cal-Chem who is always accessible and available to both clients and employees. He works endlessly to ensure our clients and employees all benefit from our Company Mission.

As a 50 year pioneer in passivation, we utilize industry leading proprietary chemistry and processes to meet and exceed the requirements for your critical systems.

Cal-Chem has undergone a complete overhaul upon being acquired by Pure Source, LLC with a focus on allowing the company to better serve its clients.  A few important changes we've implemented include:

  1. Hired additional experienced Project Managers increasing the average PM experience level to over 15 years
  2. Improved documentation in order to be more cGMP compliant
  3. Consolidated estimating in order to improve the quality and consistency of our quotes
  4. Implemented current safety and quality training for all personnel

Lastly, we would like you to know about our Turnkey methodology.  It is our goal, when we are privileged to  process equipment at your facility, to have you turn over your system and trust us to care for it as you would until it is complete and ready to come back online.  You have a lot of responsibilities on any given day, we want to be one less thing you need to worry about.  Our team members are thoroughly trained and will require no supervision from you or your team unless that is your preference.